Annual Performance Reports: 

You can view London City Airport’s 2017, 2016 and 2015 Annual Performance Reports and accompanying Appendices below.

LCY Annual Performance Report 2017

LCY Annual Performance Report 2017: Annexes

LCY Annual Performance Report 2016

LCY Annual Performance Report 2016 all Annexes

LCY Annual Performance Report 2015

LCY Annual Performance Report 2015 Glossary

Appendix 1: Newham Correspondence

Appendix 2: Summary of Planning Agreement Requirements

Appendix 3: Daily Movement Limits

Appendix 4: Noise Contours

Appendix 5: Draft Noise Insulation Scheme

Appendix 6: Properties Eligible for Re-inspection

Appendix 7: First Tier Works Eligibility

Appendix 8: Second Tier Works Eligibility

Appendix 9: Sound Insulation Scheme Advertisements 2015

Appendix 10: Report on Operation of Noise Management Scheme

Appendix 11: Temporary Noise Monitoring Strategy Reports

Appendix 12: Annual Noise Categorisation Report

Appendix 13: Data from Air Quality Management Programme

Appendix 14: List of Onsite Employers 2015

Appendix 15: Take Off Into Work Statistics 2015

Appendix 16: London City Airport Recruitment Policy 2015-16

Appendix 17:  Transport Objectives

Appendix 18: Value Compensation Scheme