Annual Performance Reports: 

You can view London City Airport’s 2015 and 2016 Annual Performance Report and accompanying Appendices below.

LCY Annual Performance Report 2016

LCY Annual Performance Report 2016 all Annexes

LCY Annual Performance Report 2015

LCY Annual Performance Report 2015 Glossary

Appendix 1: Newham Correspondence

Appendix 2: Summary of Planning Agreement Requirements

Appendix 3: Daily Movement Limits

Appendix 4: Noise Contours

Appendix 5: Draft Noise Insulation Scheme

Appendix 6: Properties Eligible for Re-inspection

Appendix 7: First Tier Works Eligibility

Appendix 8: Second Tier Works Eligibility

Appendix 9: Sound Insulation Scheme Advertisements 2015

Appendix 10: Report on Operation of Noise Management Scheme

Appendix 11: Temporary Noise Monitoring Strategy Reports

Appendix 12: Annual Noise Categorisation Report

Appendix 13: Data from Air Quality Management Programme

Appendix 14: List of Onsite Employers 2015

Appendix 15: Take Off Into Work Statistics 2015

Appendix 16: London City Airport Recruitment Policy 2015-16

Appendix 17:  Transport Objectives

Appendix 18: Value Compensation Scheme